Alumni Highlight-Where Are They Now?

March 29, 2024


Graduating Class: Spring 2021                  Major: Nursing                            Job: 46N3 (Clinical Nurse)

I am in San Antonio, TX at the Brooke Army Medical Center. I work at 2W. 2W is a surgical trauma floor. 

At BAMC we see a lot of civilians. In my time there I recall treating more civilians than the active duty, dependents and veterans other Air Force military facilities See. The surrounding facilities are at more times than not on diversion so we take in their traumas.


Going to school in Nebraska was a blessing. But I was shocked at the culture change and the difference in size. I was definitely very sheltered. It was a steep learning curve learning how to manage taking care of trauma patients and a different population than I saw in Nebraska. After two years I am extremely confident in my clinical skills and more excited than scared to be going to work and caring for these patients.

Detachment 465 taught me an extreme amount of discipline and time management. Going to nursing school and balancing their requirements with the requirements of the detachment got to be a lot. The detachment has also taughtme communication skills. It got difficult when our requirements overlapped and being able to compromise with cadre and my nursing professors became really important. 

I hope that me and the others before me have shown the gamble it takes to be present in both to the fullest and that itis possible. When you give both your all you meet the most amazing people and people you learn to rely on. The relationships you build will be one of the most important things you do. Encourage each other, build each other up and keep up the discipline while still having fun in everything you do. Ya’lls future is going to be really bright!