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Unlock your path to a brighter future with ROTC scholarships! Discover a world of opportunities that await you. Whether you dream of soaring through the skies as an Air Force pilot, leading ground operations in Special Warfare, or delving into the intricate world of cybersecurity,  Air Force ROTC has a scholarship tailored just for you. These scholarships don't just fund your education; they pave the way for leadership, camaraderie, and a lifelong commitment to excellence. 

Take the first step towards your remarkable journey by exploring the diverse range of ROTC scholarships that can shape your future. 

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Important Dates 

High School Scholarship Program:
1 July: Application Window Opens (Senior Year)

31 December: Application Window Closes

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Air Force ROTC Scholarships

The first way to earn an Air Force ROTC scholarship is to apply for the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP). These scholarships typically cover full tuition and fees at any university. The window for applying opens in July during the student's senior year in high school and closes in mid-January.

Applications are submitted online at and involve two parts: the application and the interview. Scores from both parts meet a centralized selection board. If the student does not earn a scholarship during a given board, their application automatically rolls to the next board.

Students may also elect to compete for scholarships from the US Air Force, US Space Force, or both.

The second way to earn an Air Force ROTC scholarship is through the In-College Scholarship Program. The AFROTC staff nominates qualified candidates for the In-College Scholarship each year; there is not an online application for an In-College Scholarship.

Scholarships of either type are offered to the best qualified candidates based on their:

  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment score
  • Cumulative GPA
  • SAT/ACT scores (or AFOQT scores for In-College Scholarships)
  • Medical clearance

Additionally, the Air Force maintains a list of highly-desired academic majors at

2-Year Scholarship Available to All Qualified Cadets

Air Force senior leaders introduced the Charles McGee Leadership Award to provide tuition or housing assistance to all Air Force ROTC cadets that demonstrate the ability and intent to commission into the Air Force and Space Force. The CMLA is a 2-year scholarship to help relieve financial burdens and allow all qualified cadets to focus on their academic and leadership development. Eligible cadets are granted a two-year tuition award of $18,000 per year, or this can be converted to a housing benefit of up to $10,000 per year.

This scholarship will be available to all cadets who have successfully completed field training and entered the Professional Officer Course upon the start of their junior year of college.Named after Brig. Gen. Charles McGee, a fighter pilot and Tuskegee Airman during World War II, CMLA marks a significant change in how scholarships are awarded and represents a valuable tool for AFROTC leadership to grant financial assistance to qualified cadets who had not previously received a scholarship upon entry into the program.

Historically, only approximately 40% of AFROTC cadets within the program were on some form of AFROTC scholarship. In addition, over 95% were awarded to promising high school seniors with the remainder allocated to in-college freshmen and sophomore cadets. There were virtually no opportunities for cadets to obtain a scholarship after the sophomore year.

With CMLA, now 100% of all qualified cadets in their junior and senior years will be eligible for this scholarship. For more information, visit the CMLA frequently asked questions here.

Exclusive University of Nebraska-Lincoln Scholarships

Brian K Schroeder Scholarship for Meteorology

Lt Col Brian K. Schroeder attended UNL as a graduate student and commissioned in 1995 out of the AFROTC program at UNL. Following graduation, Lt Col Schoeder served as a meteorologist in the U.S. Air Force for 25 years. 

This scholarship provides one or more scholarship to students in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences and gives preferences to students pursuing a major in Meteorology in the Air Force ROTC Program at UNL.

Explore Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Dept

Husker Salute Scholarship

A tuition pledge to offset the cost of tuition for out-of-state students in recognition of a student or family military connection who has demonstrated their ability to succeed at Nebraska. The pledge is a waiver of the undergraduate nonresident portion of tuition, providing out-of-state students the same net tuition as Nebraska residents. Learn more about the scholarship on the Admissions website.

Husker Salute Pledge

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to its regular scholarship offerings, Detachment 465 is proud to offer a range of additional scholarship opportunities to support the educational aspirations of our cadets. These opportunities include specialized scholarships for specific career paths within the Air Force, as well as grants for academic excellence and leadership achievements. These additional scholarship avenues reflect our commitment to fostering the success and development of our cadets in diverse fields and endeavors:

- USAA Scholarship
- Order of Daedalians (pictured)
- 9th AF Association Memorial Scholarship
- Lt Jay Smith Memorial Scholarship
- Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Scholarship


AF ROTC students earned the LeMay Flight #16, Order of Daedalians Scholarship

Up to $500

Monthly stipend


Per Year towards tuition 



Upperclassmen on Scholarship