Opportunities at Det 465

Pet The Jet

Incentive Flights

Cadets will occasionally have the opportunity to go on familiarization flights in military aircraft. These usually happen alongside base visits but have been scheduled throughout the year as well. 

Cadets who are interested need to keep their ears open, opportunities will come up out of nowhere! These flights are a great way to experience a big part of what the Air Force is all about.


Cadet Gochenour (Class of 2025) flying in an A-27 Tucano

Base Visits

Det 465 organizes one-to-two visits to nearby Air Force bases per year. On these visits, cadets will get the chance to stay on the base for several days and experience multiple Air Force and Space Force career fields and missions.

Cadets visit research labs, hangars or airfields and get up close with aircraft, tour weapon facilities, and possibly get hands-on with the equipment.  You also gain exposure to the many benefits of having access to or living on an Air Force base.

Base visits don’t cost anything for cadets. All you have to do is sign up when you hear about it. 

Wright Patt

Cadet Forcade (Class of 2025) Visits Wright Patterson AFB

Project Global Officers

Cadet Ward says "Hello from Georgia. Go Big Red!"


Cadet Ward (Class of 2026) spends the summer learning Arabic as a student and participant of Project GO

Project GO (Global Officers) is a nationwide program providing training in selected strategic languages for ROTC students. Project GO is designed to enable ROTC officer candidates to enter the U.S. military with invaluable linguistic and cultural knowledge.

The program offers both academic year training and fully-funded scholarships for an 8-week summer study abroad program.

Guest Speakers

Detachment 465 draws guest speakers who want to engage with and inspire the next generation of military leaders. The detachment leverages its affiliations with the Air Force to extend invitations to renowned individuals in various fields. Additionally, Det 465 often collaborates with local organizations and alumni networks to tap into their extensive networks, making it appealing for notable speakers to accept invitations. This combination of institutional affiliations, community partnerships, and a commitment to developing future leaders enables Detachment 465 to consistently bring in prominent and influential speakers to enrich the educational experience of its cadets.

Gen. Thomas A. Bussiere Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command




One of the unique experiences that set AF ROTC cadets apart is their extraordinary opportunity to organize and oversee awe-inspiring flyovers at key sporting events held at the university. This responsibility not only showcases their dedication to precision and teamwork but also highlights their crucial role in contributing to the institution's pride and traditions. These cadets, through meticulous planning and execution, bring together the power and grace of military aircraft, embodying the spirit of leadership and excellence that defines the Air Force. This distinctive role not only reinforces their sense of responsibility and leadership but also cements their place as integral members of their university community.


Attend Grad School

Upon graduation, ROTC cadets have the unique opportunity to pursue advanced degrees through various scholarship programs, including the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) and other educational pathways. This allows them to further enhance their expertise and contribute to the Air Force's mission in specialized fields, strengthening their leadership skills and career prospects. Grad school opportunities are an invaluable part of the holistic education and career development that ROTC offers.


Professional Development Training (PDT)

Cadets meet Gen. Raymond, Chief of Space Operations, USSF

Professional Conferences

AFA Symposium

Cadets can earn money towards their Private Pilots Certificate

You Can Fly


Professional Development Training (PDT) includes a wide range of opportunities for cadets. Some simply require a sign up and others require applications to be submitted. PDTs are military training or work opportunities, and there are lots available. Some of these include:


•Opportunities to work on base with active duty officers

•Internships and learning opportunities all across the country

•Technology based programs

•Language based programs 

•Jump school

•Cyber security exercises

•Leadership symposiums and conferences

And a whole lot more. Many opportunities come up spontaneously, while most of the ones included here repeat yearly.

Learn more about PDT opportunities through AFROTC at the link below

Professional Development Opportunities