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Air Force ROTC

Our mission is to develop Air and Space Force leaders of character whom we expect to fight and win our nation's wars. The Reserve Officer Training Corps, through intense training and academic course work, opens the door for entry into the finest Air and Space Force. Our cadets have gone on to serve in a range of exciting career fields, from medical to aviation. We offer cadets an ideal training environment that instills the values of integrity, service before self, and excellence that develop leaders, and power the world's strongest Air Force and now Space Force. These values, coupled with the surroundings of a large Big Ten accredited university, help to develop the type of well-rounded leaders the Air and Space Force is seeking.


The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is the foremost school of leadership in the nation, and our detachment produces some of the best quality officers to the Air and Space Forces. This program is designed to provide you with academic instruction from the top ranked officers in the nation along with a strong physical fitness program, and friendships that will last  lifetime. Each year, we commission a new group of lieutenants fully prepared to serve the nation as the leaders of the world's greatest Air Force and Space Force

As a cadet at UNL, you will lead a full life, taking classes that teach the Air Force and Space Force curriculum alongside your regular college course load. These courses are designed to provide foundational knowledge for any United States Air Force or Space Force officer candidate while simultaneously promoting the development of problem-solving and team-building skills. AFROTC is a large part of your schedule, but many of our cadets also pursue fraternities, student government, athletics and more. While the AFROTC program is certainly challenging, you will still be able to enjoy a full college experience, receiving high quality education without sacrificing your extracurricular freedom. Furthermore, those who are curious about the military can pursue AFROTC for two years without incurring any service commitments. 

The cadets of Detachment 465 develop critical leadership and followership skills during their time in the program, accumulating many hours of military training. Additionally, cadets are given many unique professional development opportunities, such as visiting Air Force installations and meeting important members of the military community. 

Detachment 465 cadets live by high standards, acquiring leadership skills that will be useful their entire lives—and they have a great time doing it! 


Det 465 is where great stories begin. 
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