Student Groups


With nearly a dozen different student organizations and clubs available, as a Det 465 cadet you'll have plenty of opportunities to make new friends, enhance your leadership skills, improve physical fitness, and military knowledge. 

These groups are a great way for students to connect with their passions and interests. With everything from Space Force to Booster Clubs, Special Warfare, Pershing Rifles, Honor Guard and more — there's something for every cadet.  Visit Campus Life page for a more complete list of available Student Groups

Formal Functions

Cadets and cadre (AFROTC faculty) have the opportunity to participate in formal military functions such as the Dining In, Dining Out and Military Ball. These events are held to honor cadet accomplishments and celebrate achievements by members of AFROTC

Dining Out

Honor Guard

Honor Guard is an extracurricular AFROTC team designed to train you in precision drills and ceremonies with arms. They compete against other colleges and universities, showcasing their expertise in military professionalism, customs and courtesies.


Color Guard

Color Guard is an extracurricular Air Force ROTC team that has the honor of presenting the American flag in a variety of settings, including celebratory events, memorial services and even professional sporting events


Social Activities

In AFROTC, you’ll work hard and play hard. Whether it’s tailgating before games or just hanging out with your friends, there are plenty of opportunities to make lifelong friendships while also being involved in other social clubs and organizations in college.


Flying Husker Booster Club

The Flying Huskers Booster Club (FHBC) is a dedicated community that aim to enhance the training, resources, and overall experience of Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets, fostering a strong foundation for their future leadership roles in the military. Through fundraising, events, and advocacy, the club works to create an environment of encouragement and empowerment for the Detachment


A national student organization that operates in conjunction with the U.S. Space Force’s Space Training and Readiness and Command (STARCOM). i5 aims to deliver educational, training, and professional development resources to students around the country who are interested in pursuing a career in the newest branch of the US military—the Space Force.

Push Up For Points

Detachment 465's "Push-ups For Points" is an engaging and energetic tradition that takes place during home Husker football games. This unique initiative involves members of the detachment committing to perform push-ups every time the University of Nebraska's football team scores a touchdown. It's not just a simple exercise routine; it's a spirited display of support and enthusiasm for the team.

Push Up For Points2