Military & Naval Science Building

At Detachment 465, we offer more than just an education; we provide an environment designed for success. Our facilities ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to excel in your ROTC journey. From cutting-edge simulators to spacious classrooms to include your own personal library, we're committed to your growth and development. 

What sets us apart is our symbiotic relationship with the university. We're not just an entity apart; we're an integral part of the university community. Our cadets benefit from a unique synergy between military training and a world-class education. Professors who understand the demands of your ROTC commitment work hand-in-hand with our dedicated cadre to provide unwavering support. 

Vet Memorial

Cadet Lounge

A dedicated Cadet Lounge or Heritage Room offers students a much-needed space to unwind, bond, and recharge outside of their rigorous training and academic commitments. It fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among cadets, providing an environment where they can relax, engage in recreational activities, and share experiences with their peers. 

SD Vick Library

Det 465 cadets have 24/7 access to a separate library from the university. This provides our students with invaluable flexibility and convenience and allows individuals to pursue their academic pursuits at any hour, accommodating diverse schedules and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Designated Classrooms

Designated classroom space in a centralized location streamlines the educational experience by providing our students and instructors easy access to learning resources and facilities. This efficient setup allows for seamless transitions between classes, fosters a sense of belonging within the academic community, and ensures that students have all the necessary tools and materials within reach for a focused and productive learning environment